Nicotine shot Nicotine Booster

Most noteworthy is that this, is a nicotine shot.
It is also know as a nicotine booster.
Because the e liquid production can be found now with only the flavor and only the glycerin, also the nicotine can be found separately.
As a result, this nicotine shot is in order to put your favorite nicotine level into your e liquid.
Furthermore it comes in a 10ml sealed plastic bottle.
Another factor is that each 10ml will give you a nicotine level of 3mg in a bottle of 60ml.
Which means that by its own, the nicotine strength is of 20mg.
As a result if you put this bottle into the Sir Paman e liquid, it will give you 3mg.
Because some vapers want a higher level of nicotine, we have the solution.
They simply have to buy two bottles and put both into the flavor.
Finally the nicotine booster can be used for any mix and shake e liquid.


Nicotine shot

Nicotine shot


Most important is that you need to make sure that is not at children reach.
Another important fact is that it should NOT be in contact directly with your skin.
Nor should be in direct contact with your mouth either.
Not recommended for pregnant woman or women who breastfeed.
Also Not recommended for non-smokers.
If you see any side effects please contact your doctor.