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Sir Paman BLACK LABEL Short Fill 50mlPG+VG E-liquid


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e liquid wholesale Sir Paman BLACK LABEL Short Fill 50ml PG+VG E-liquid E-juice

The Sir Paman BLACK LABEL e-liquid is made in Cyprus. It is the short fill e-liquid, with flavors of Dragon Fantasy, The Baker , Apple Master, STRAW -BERRYS and also the Lemon Tart. . Short Fill it actually means that you will get a 60ml bottle with 50 ml e-liquid.
And you can add nicotine shot to the 10 ml space that is left in the bottle.
As a result, you will get the desired nicotine strength in your Sir Paman Premium e liquid.

e liquid wholesale Parameters
Capacity: 50ml in 60ml bottle for easy mixing
Strengths: 0mg
PG/VG Ratio: 30/70

Shortfill eliquids are sold in larger bottles filled to 80% capacity by manufacturers to allow space for you to add a nicotine containing eliquid shot. Most vapers simply add 10ml of 18mg nicotine-shot for every 50ml short-fill eliquid. After a few minutes of shaking the final 60ml mix of eliquid will contain 0.3% or 3mg nicotine. We also offer a range of 18mg nicotine containing eliquid shots in a variety of VG percentage strengths to get a perfect match for your eliquid mix.


An amazing mixture of tropical fruits will give you the perfect e liquid taste. Dragon fruit and passion fruit are the main taste in this e liquid. As a result, if you enjoy eating this fruits, the Dragon Fantasy is the perfect e liquid for you.


For all vapers with a sweet tooth this is the Perfect e liquid. The Baker is actually the Dough that you make for cookies. While vaping it it will give you exactly the same taste as a cookie dough.


The Apple Master is actually a mixture of different fruits but the one that is much more intense is Green Apple. As a result you have a refreshing taste while inhaling and while you exhale, a sweet taste of mixed fruits will be left in your mouth.


A combination of strawberries and berries is making this e liquid be perfect for any vaper. That is because is fruity but also sweet.


As the name, the lemon tart smells and taste exactly like a lemon tart. Therefore is a must have e liquid in any vapers collection because lemon tarts are good to eat and now also very tasteful to vape.






For wholesale prices contact us to upgrade your account, please contact us,  + 357 96503505

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