Contact Us

First of all there are four different ways that you can contact us.
These ways will put you into a direct conversation with Sir Paman employers or even the company’s owner.
If after you read our page and signed up, you still have question about anything that has to do with Sir Paman company and E liquids.

Feel free to contact us in any way suits you better.

contact us

First you can contact us by Phone. If you are an English or Greek language speaker we can easily talk by phone. Because we are located in Cyprus the phone number has 00357 in front. Therefore you can call 00357 96 503 505 and somebody from the company will answer you. If not, it means that we are a bit busy but please don’t hesitate to try again.

contact us

A very usefull way of contacting us is by email.

It is the most popular way of comunicating in buisnesses.
That is because is easier to undertand the question wile reading it
and if you are foren from English language it gives you some time to put your words in order.
As a result most business people prefer this way of communication.

contact us

Another way that you can contact us u\is by Message.
At exactly the same number that you can call us you can also send us a message.

contact us by messenger

As a forth option we also added the messenger.
As soon as you sign up on Sir Paman you can automatically sign with Facebook as well.
Therefore , when you are on our site, a small messenger window will be at the pages right.
By simply clicking it you are connecting with Sir paman Facebook messenger.
You can also text us from there. One of the employers will serve you properly.
If we are not online, you can leave us a message and we will reply as soon as possible.