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How We Started

about us :
First of all we started as all vapers.
Personally i wanted to  quit smoking.
Because of the new fashion of vaping i said to give it a try and its been now four years since my last cigarette.
At  a point I realized that some liquids even though were expensive were really low quality.
Therefore I made my mind to find and buy only the best.
As i was searching for the best e liquid i came pass The Best E Liquid factory in Cyprus.

The idea

That is how i got the idea of making The Best E liquids.
I contacted the Factory owner and he was kind enough to give me a tour of his factory.
Realizing that is a very clean factory and most important that all their products were high quality
I immediately  proposed him to start a business.

  We can do it

In order to have the best flavor , not only in quality but also to see which flavors are most wanted,
I got many samples and asked as many vapers as we could to try them and tell us their opinion.
All vapers opinions good or bad were welcome .
That is because they helped me find the perfect collection for all vapers.
Therefore you will certainly find a flavor on your taste from the Sir Paman collection.

 What You Will Find Here

As a result from everything that i said above, here you will find the perfect E liquid for your Electronic Cigarette.
Only High Quality for all our customers.
That is because we also are vapers, therefore our own customers and we know and understand how important is the liquid that you are vaping.
As a result you will find only the best in Flavor and Quality as well.

Sir Paman e liquid company is found in Cyprus. Therefore all Sir Paman e liquids are made in Cyprus.

about us

Thank You